Name/Nickname: George
Favorite Metal Genres: Black, Doom, Viking-Folk...All Metal!
Years being a Metalhead: 35
Favorite album of last year: Thrawsunblat - III: Metachthonia
Best Concert Ever: Wacken 2017...I hope?
Podcast Talent: Host / Writer / Sound Engineer / Editor / Webmaster
Twitter: @Discipleovmetal
Bandcamp: METALHEADS Podcast George

Name/Nickname: Jay
Favorite Metal Genres: Heavy / I know it when I hear it...
Years being a Metalhead: 35
Favorite album of last year: Witchcraft - Nucleus
Best Concert Ever: Celtic Frost reunion tour
Podcast Talent: Host / Writer / Burritos / Catatonic Society and Podcast Music Segment Creator
Twitter: @CatatonicJay
Bandcamp: CatatonicJay


Name/Nickname: Will / Beefstick the Mighty / Kittie
Favorite Metal Genres: Death, Doom, Thrash
Years being a Metalhead: 35
Favorite album of last year: Eerie - Eerie
Best Concert Ever: Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss tour at the Tracadero, Philly in 1990
Podcast Talent: Host / Brewheads Writer / I bring the beer!
Twitter: @BrewMetalWill
Bandcamp: BrewMetalWill

Name/Nickname: John / Hi, my name is John
Favorite Metal Genres: Progressive, Doom, Atmospheric Black Metal, Avant-Garde
Years being a Metalhead: 38
Favorite album of last year: Fates Warning - Theories of Flight
Best Concert Ever: Opeth, Chronology MCMXCIV-MMV, House of Blues, Chicago, 2006
Podcast Talent: Host / Writer / I drink the beer Will brings!
Twitter: @WhiteCluster69
Bandcamp: johnX