Angel of Damnation – Carnal Philosophy

I love to discover an obscure side band by someone from another band I really like. Angel of Damnation is a product of Gerrit Mutz who is the singer for Sacred Steel and Dawn of Winter. Sacred Steel is a power metal band, while Dawn of Winter is doom in the Candlemass style. Angel of Damnation falls somewhere in the middle; it is closer to doom, but it’s not as slow and despondent as Dawn of Winter.

I absolutely love Dawn of Winter’s “The Peaceful Dead”; if you like doom and have not heard it you really should pick it up. It’s a lot easier to find than Angel of Damnation. I’ve only been able to find “Carnal Philosophy” on Century Media’s CM Distro and eBay. But it’s worth the listen if you can track it down.

The production on “Carnal Philosophy” is a little lo-fi sounding compared to Gerrit’s other bands, but the songs are good and the vocals are placed well in the mix so I can overlook sound quality. There’s plenty of cool guitar work to keep the listener occupied.

Anyway, I don’t really have much more to say about this album. It’s pretty cool and I wanted to share it since I’m guessing most people haven’t heard of it.