Colossus – Drunk on Blood

Colossus is another band I found while looking through the iTunes new Metal releases. “Drunk on Blood” is only a five song EP but their decidedly old-school metal sound was enough for me to decide to pick it up. I’ve been searching for their full length album "…And the Rift of the Pan Dimensional Under-Gods” but so far have not been able to find it.

Hailing from North Carolina the band, much like White Wizzard, sound like they should be from the early 80s metal scene. They have a great old-school pre-glam, pre-thrash sound that I can never seem to find enough of. I’m very nostalgic for music from that period and love it when people emulate the sound.

I just realized that the first track, “The Mountain That Rides” must be based on the character from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” books (or the HBO series Game of Thrones.)

Tribunal Records is a new name to me, but I see they have a nice sized stable of bands. I also picked up another Tribunal band called Blatant Disarray that I may review, so I think I’ll be keeping an eye on any new releases they put out.

Alas, five songs come and go so quickly and I find myself wanting to hear more. So I just stepped away for a few minutes and was able to find an import version of "…And the Rift of the Pan Dimensional Under-Gods” on Amazon and ordered it. How better to state that I’m behind this band than to put my own money on the line and order the album without hearing any of it? I’d say that says enough.