Doctor Midnight & the Mercy Cult – I Declare: Treason

I gave this a listen based on the interesting name (yes, I was one of those people who used to buy albums in the store by picking the coolest looking cover). Then I looked them up and realized the real interesting thing about them is their lineup.

Doctor Midnight & the Mercy Cult is really a super-group of sorts. All the members have been in other reasonably well known bands in the past. The bands they have played in cover a wide range of styles from the death punk of Turbonegro, the synthpop of Apoptygma Berzerk, the goth rock/metal of Marilyn Manson and metal acts The Kovenant, Extol, Satyricon and Celtic Frost. I thought that was an interesting pedigree.

So what does all that sound like when you bring it together? Well, it’s more metal than Turbonegro but less extreme than any of the aforementioned “heavier” metal bands. But I’m not even going to try putting a label on it. Whatever it is, I think I like it.

The vocals are handled by Hank from Turbonegro. I like his voice. Sometimes he reminds me of Denis Bélanger from Voivod. He frequently sounds like he might be straining and on the verge of a vocal train-wreck, but he always brings it back.

I think my favorite track is “OK (We’re Just About to Die)”, though I rather like “Bleed Idiot Bleed” too.

I’ve noticed that many times super-groups release one album and then disband and move on. I hope that isn’t the case here because I’d like to hear more.