Lowbau - A Darker Shade of Blues

Lowbau is a band from Vienna, Austria and "A Darker Shade of Blues" is their debut full-length album. They describe the music on the album by referring to the album title. What exactly does that mean? Well, they also describe the music as stoner/sludge and up-tempo rock and metal that includes harmonica and steel guitars. I call this very interesting.

The album opens with the slow instrumental intro "13" and a clean and bluesy guitar. The second track, "The Prosecution Rests..." comes out fast and heavy and immediately makes me think of early Machine Head. This track has already hooked me on the band by this point. Before long the track slows down and heads into some seriously thick and heavy sludge that would sound right at home in NOLA. I can also hear Pantera and Acid Bath in their sound.

After several tracks I've noticed that when they play faster they project a real intense energy that makes me want to get up and mosh, while their slower parts are heavy as a mountain and cause me to hang my head down and go into more of a lethargic head-bob. Either way, i'm happy. By the time we cruise into the album's fourth track, "Modern Day Alchemist", this doesn't remind me of anyone but Lowbau.

According to the band's Facebook page they are unsigned. That's just crazy talk. Hey Phil Anselmo, check this band out! Put Lowbau out on Housecore! Seriously man, check out track 5, "A Million Years of Rain" and tell me you don't want to work with this band.

To the rest of the teeming metal masses out there, make sure you give this band a listen too. I don't want to hear any excuses fuckers, because you can head over to Bandcamp right now and pick this album up for 3 euro, which currently translates to less than four bucks American. That is a steal for what you are getting on this album. Now get out there and support metal! Support Lowbau!

Here is the track "A Million Years of Rain." This one has all that steel guitar and harmonica going on, and maybe doesn't exactly represent the rest of the material on the album, but I had to post it because it is so bad-ass.