A Sound of Thunder – Out of the Darkness

Here is an album I have been wanting to write about for a few weeks, but have not been able to squeeze into the schedule. They are another local (to me) band that I have never heard of (I need to get out more), but they blew me away with what I believe is their second full-length album, “Out of the Darkness.” Their Reverbnation page lists them as being from Centreville, VA, so yeah, they are just a quick jump down the beltway from me.

“Out of the Darkness” is a female-fronted metal band that combines an early Sabbath/Priest sound with modern power metal and results in an album full of music that makes me real excited. The music itself is worthy of praise, but the vocals of Nina Osegueda are what truly makes this band for me. What most gives me full on metal chubby is the fact that she sounds like (insert your favorite female symphonic -metal operatic vocalist here) combined with the mighty Doro Pesch of Warlock fame. Doro was probably my first and favorite female metal singer, so anyone that reminds me of her has my undivided attention. Add in an extra heaping helping of attitude and you have Nina. She will even put a harsh edge on some of the vocals. She is like a female Rob Halford. Be still my heart.

Do not even concern yourself with the production sound quality on this album, it sounds immaculate. Also, with ten songs clocking in at over an hour’s worth of music you undoubtedly get your money’s worth out of this album.

I would love to see A Sound of Thunder live sometime. I see they are playing the State Theatre in Falls Church next Thursday (4/26), and I would very much like to go to that show, but I am not sure I can make it. If I am unable to make it, I will at least try to keep an eye on their calendar to see when they are playing locally again.

I highly recommend this album. I have been playing it repeatedly for weeks now. Do yourself a favor; check out the video for “Murderous Horde” below, and then go pick up the album. For something with incredible unbridled metal energy, head over to their website and stream the albums title track.