Bejelit – Emerge

Next up, we have Bejelit, an Italian metal band that according to Encyclopaedia Metallum plays power metal. They do have many attributes of power metal, but I think that might be generalizing them too much. I cannot think of a better label, so I will use it, but I think they are a little more than just power metal. Where many power metal bands have a large atmospheric sound that gives their music epic proportions, Bejelit have a much tighter, full sound that you might actually hear on a well-produced Swedish death metal album. “Emerge” is the band’s fourth album, and I have to say as impressive as it sounds I’m surprised I have not heard of their previous work.

The first thing to catch my attention about “Emerge” is that the production is crystal clear perfection. I could tell right away this was going to be an enjoyable listen. The drums are loud, fast and punchy. The guitars are melodic, also fast and have the perfect tone for making me happy. The vocals are clean (with a slight raspy edge), catchy and perfectly seated within the mix. I love to hear an album this well produced, especially when I truly enjoy the songs too.

I sure hope these guys are popular in Italy, because this album is blowing me away with how good it sounds. I am most certainly going to look into their three previous albums as soon as I have the opportunity later today. I highly recommend this album.