Best Metal Albums of 2017 Midyear - Mark

11) Tombs - The Grand Annihilation
Need to spend some more time with it, but first few times through, another solid effort

10) Replacire - Do Not Deviate
Insane tech death.

9) Goatwhore - Vengeful Ascension
Pretty straightforward, but heavy and loud.

8) Duskmourn - Of Shadow and Flame
While I wait for Thrawsunblat to make another album, this will hold me over.

7) Dying Fetus - Wrong One to Fuck With
Heavy and brutal. Dig it.

6) Contaminated - Final Man

5) Witch Vomit - Poisoned Blood
Cool twist on modern death metal.

4) A Flourishing Scourge - A Flourishing Scourge
Great to see a past guest of the show continuing to put out killer records.

3) Code Orange - Forever
This is my hardcore-metal album for the year.

2) MindMaze - Resolve
Female-fronted power metal. I don't know if they are popular or what, but this album sticks with me. I pump my fist to it and so should you.

1) Elder - Reflections of a Floating World
It's going to take a lot for something else to knock this out of this spot. This is going to be on eveyr list but I don't care, it is that good.