Diamond Plate – Generation Why?

If I’m doing my math correctly, the average age of the three founding members of Diamond Plate is 18. They released their first EP in 2008 at 15 years old. Personally, 15 was when I first picked up the guitar, so to be good enough to record and release an EP at that age, I find it impressive. At the same time the spiteful part of me wants to believe that kids that young couldn’t really put out something quality.

Well, I can’t speak to what the EP sounded like, but three years later, even at 18, this sounds pretty good. I couldn’t have done anything nearly this good at that age. Hell, I couldn’t do it now. And that kids, is why I am here writing this today instead of out touring the world on my own private jet with Bruce Dickinson piloting. That leads me to the new motto of my site. It’s a bastardization of a line from George Bernard Shaw: Those who can, do; those who can’t, become rock music critics. Seriously, I might actually have to add that tagline. It would keep me honest and remind me that it’s easy to tear down what someone else has created, but am I in a position to really do so since I can’t do better myself? Ponder that one awhile kiddies. But then again, I’m only offering opinions based on my personal taste, not handing down judgments.

“Generation Why?” certainly doesn’t sound like it came out of a group of 18 year olds. What it does sound like it came out of is the late 80s thrash scene. I really dig the old school thrash sound they have on this album. I wouldn’t call the vocals harsh like death metal vocals, they are more of a screech, rather like certain 80s thrash band vocals. The lead guitar playing is melodic and catchy and probably my favorite aspect of the album (check out instrumental track “More Than Words”…and here I was expecting an Extreme cover song).

This is definitely a solid debut effort from Diamond Plate. Give them a few more years of touring and recording and I bet their next album is even better.