Dischordia – Creator, Destroyer

I’m starting to see the other side of this bug that’s had me down. I still feel like crap but each day is a little better than the last. That being the case, it’s time to shed the holiday lethargy and check out some heavy fucking metal. Today’s metal is brought to us by Dischordia, from Oklahoma City, in the form of their debut EP, “Creator Destroyer.”

Dischordia play a technical brutal death metal and have recently shared the stage with Dying Fetus, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Born of Osiris, Darkest Hour, The Human Abstract and As Blood Runs Black. That’s quite an impressive list of bands to play with; each one a great band. That reminds me, I just got our Machine Head tickets in the mail the other day, and D.C.’s own Darkest Hour is on the bill. Nice.

“Creator, Destroyer” is only four songs deep, but they pack a punch in those 23 minutes. The music, as I said, is technical and brutal so you can sit back and enjoy the playing if you’re so inclined, or just jump into the pit and mosh it up. The vocals are all on the harsher side of harsh. He enunciates the words pretty well so no complaints, however there were a few times when he sounded like metal being dragged over concrete. But that was actually pretty cool since he doesn’t sing that way the whole time.

The last track on the EP, “Radioactive Iodine 121” starts off with the “boom-stick” audio clip from the classic “Army of Darkness” movie. There was an audio clip on the first track that sounded familiar but I couldn’t place the movie. “Radioactive Iodine 121” shows the most diversity of the four tracks; there are some clean guitar parts and plenty of changes over the tracks eight-plus minutes.

So, yeah, I can get behind Dischordia. I like that they do brutal but not at the expense of technical. I just noticed they are a three-piece, which makes this sound even more impressive given how thick and heavy this sounds. Check these guys out. And let’s hope for a full length album in the near future.