HarryBigButton – Hard ’N’ Loud

Just when you think you’ve heard the most unusual band names around, along comes HarryBigButton from Seoul, Korea. I’d like to hear the story behind how they came up with that name lol. HarryBigButton are a post-hard rock band formed earlier this year and “Hard ‘N’ Loud” is their three song debut single/EP. I love that there are people in Korea who read the site. Let me just take a moment to thank them and say (in my best Bruce Dickinson impersonation) “Scream for me Koreeeeeea!” As far as I know this is the first heavy music I’ve heard from Korea so I’m pretty excited to check this out.

The three songs on this single are “Fxxx You Very Much” (their censoring, not mine), “Stand for You” and “Angry Face.” Let me start off by saying the recordings sound quite good. Everything is nice and clean and has good separation; my kind of recording. I really like the guitar tone on these songs and the singer’s voice is pretty incredible too.

The music reminds me of a cross between traditional hard rock/metal and 90s alternative with a twist. Whatever you call it, I think it sounds good. The guitars are heavy and kind of bluesy. The vocals are clean and deeper than I expected. They also have a bluesy quality to them, sort of like Bad Company if Paul Rodgers had a deeper voice. The last song, “Angry Face” starts off making me think of a slower, deeper and looser version of “Unsung” by Helmet. Then the singing starts and it sounds all HarryBigButton.

I have to say, Korea, I’m pretty impressed with HarryBigButton. I really dig these three songs. I hope I’ll get to hear more when they round out a full album. Until then, stay heavy Korea!