King Giant – Dismal Hollow

King Giant is another of my impulse purchases this week, and I have to say I’m rather embarrassed to find that I could almost spit and hit these guys, yet I’ve never heard of them. Their Facebook page says they are from Pimmit Hills, VA which according to Google Maps is just a half hour south of here via 270/495. I’ll have to see where these guys have been playing because I’m surprised I haven’t heard of them before now. No time like the present to get acquainted.

I wasn’t entirely sure I would like “Dismal Hollow” when I bought it from the iTunes store. I listened to a few clips that sounded promising, but I had a feeling once I gave it a full listen I wouldn’t be all that impressed. Wrong. As it turns out I’m really getting into these songs.

The music is heavy but also sort of bluesy in a stoner/doom style. The vocals are clean with a slight edge on them that immediately brings to mind a more sedate laid back Glenn Danzig. By this point they have got my vote, but it just gets better from there with songs that are catchy, riff-tastic and a little bit dark. Or perhaps dismal would be more appropriate. Aside from the Danzig reference I really don’t know of anyone that quite sounds like this, which is a shame, because I would love to get my hands on more music like King Giant. I see they have a previous album “Southern Darkness.” Looks like I’ll be hitting up iTunes again in a few minutes. Though I dunno, I see on their Facebook page they’ve liked the Philadelphia Flyers, and here we are in the middle of Washington Capitals country. Treason I say, but I guess I’ll let it slide hahaha.

Questionable hockey tastes aside I highly recommend King Giant’s “Dismal Hollow” to anyone and everyone.