Monoscream – Redemption

It feels like a long time since my last review, but it’s only been four days. I spent practically every free moment over the last three days working on a redesign for this site. I think it is coming along nicely. I’m hoping to have it online in the very near future. But let’s see what’s coming up on the schedule. I think there are going to be some interesting albums this week. Today we have Monoscream from Stockholm, Sweden and their full-length debut, “Redemption.”

“Redemption” is the follow up to their EP, “Reborn.” I haven’t heard the EP to know how it compares, but “Redemption” sounds very well done for a band's first full album. Monoscream play a groove/death style that is not so different from the melodic death metal style for which Sweden is known. The music is heavy, melodic and packs a nice punch. The vocals are done in a harsh throaty style that is both heavy and understandable; they gel nicely with the music.

Viewed by itself on its own merits “Redemption” is a great album. The songs are there, the skill is there, the production sounds good. It is an album any band could look back on and feel proud to have released. But seen in the context of the rest of the metal scene I’m worried they will get lost in the shuffle with all the other melodic death styled bands who are also releasing good albums.

It seems to me that when bands release an album this good, and they are not on one of the larger metal labels, it shows just how much competition there is to be heard. A few years ago I would have listened to this and felt sure Monoscream would be picked up by a bigger label at any moment. But now I can never be sure what will happen. It’s great that bands have the ability to do it all themselves without major label money backing them, but it’s also a shame when good bands don’t get the widespread attention they might deserve because they just don’t get promoted as well as big label bands. I frequently hear something that I’m sure will launch a band and then never hear anything more about them. I hope such is not the fate of Monoscream. Good luck guys.

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