The Greek symphonic death metal band Septicflesh first came to my attention three years ago with the release of their eighth album, “The Great Mass.” I know; where was I for those first seven albums? Beats me, but when I finally came across Septicflesh I was most pleased. Later that year I had the good fortune to see the band open a show for Children of Bodom. Septicflesh’s music deserves a stage as big as their sound, but it was still inspiring seeing them play in a small club.

For the past three years I have been waiting impatiently to hear where Septicflesh would venture next, and now my long watch has ended. This week the band released their ninth album, “Titan.” As I nervously queued up the first song I wondered whether the band would be able to take their massive sound even further. My fears were put to rest during the album opener, “War in Heaven.” It quickly became apparent the title “Titan” is apt in more than one way – these songs are titanic!

A non-metal fan listening to symphonic death metal and symphonic black metal may not be able to tell the difference, but to fans of the style there is an apparent difference. For me, that difference takes form in a deeper vocal tone and a more technical guitar style. Behemoth is of course another master of the symphonic death metal style.

The production sound on “Titan” is truly epic. With so many things going on in this mix it would be easy for things to get all clumped together and muddy, but for the most part this production is very crisp and clear. Everything on this album sounds so incredibly BIG. “Titan” is less a mere listening experience and more of a listening event.

How many more different ways can I say that this album crushes? Seriously. I want to simply stand back and gesticulate madly in the direction of “Titan” as though to say “Look, listen, isn’t it obvious?”

I am going to cut this short before I try thinking up superfluous ways to try to impress upon you how much you need to hear this album. I will spare you my rambling if you will just click on the video below and listen for yourself. Agreed?