Shredhead – Human Nature

“Human Nature” is the debut album from unsigned Israeli thrash metal band Shredhead. They formed in 2009 as a Megadeth and Slayer cover band and have since evolved into an all-originals thrash band. I’ve been watching the calendar eagerly waiting for this album to come up. These guys give thrash a swift and mighty kick in the ass.

This is most definitely a thrash album, but it doesn’t sound dated like it came from the 80s. Some of the new thrash bands today sound like they are playing an older style, which is just fine by me, I love that stuff too. But this sound is like the natural evolution of thrash into the contemporary scene, and it sounds pretty damn good. It doesn’t really remind me of anyone specific, which is pretty interesting, because usually everyone has some element that reminds me of someone else.

The production is perfect for thrash. Everything is bright and loud and crisp in the music department. The vocals are seated well in the mix. This is like my perfect metal album if I had to describe one. The music really makes it hard to sit still in my seat. It’s fast and technical and rhythmic in such a way that must inspire some epic circle pits. The vocals are not exactly harsh, but they are frequently snarled and barked in a way that gives them an edge.

I’m really having a good week with new music so far; first Illnath and now Shredhead. Granted, neither of those albums was released this month, but still, December is not usually a period where I make good finds, so I’m pretty happy. I give “Human Nature” the whole-hearted approval of Metal Disciple. This album kills.