Thulcandra – Under a Frozen Sun

In the early to mid 90s one of the early great black metal bands was Dissection. “The Somberlain” and “Storm of the Lights Bane” are true classics of the genre. After these two albums Dissection went on forced hiatus as Jon Nödtveidt went to prison for accessory to murder. “Reinkaos” appeared after Jon’s release and while it was good it did not have the same airy melodic sound. The year after Jon took his own life and Dissection came to an end. Luckily for us, that classic sound still lives on.

Steffen Kummerer of Obscura fame has another band called Thulcandra and they have just released their second album titled “Under a Frozen Sun.” The Dissection of old may be gone, but Thulcandra do a hell of a job of creating black metal in that same airy melodic style. While Steffen still sings in a similar style in both bands (harsh), the music in Thulcandra is more old school melodic black metal than the technical death metal of Obscura. Two different bands playing two different styles, both pretty damn good.

The music, and for that matter, the album cover, on “Under a Frozen Sun” certainly project a harsh dark blue and white frozen landscape where the sun rarely shines and wind whips through mountain passes like icy daggers. Someplace where dead angels may lie lol. However, lest we succumb to hypothermia too quickly there are ample molten melodic leads that help the blood flowing. If that doesn’t work for you getting a good circle pit going would not only warm you but be totally appropriate accompaniment to the music.

The style may be similar to Dissection circe 1995, but these songs are definitely in the here and now. I think they have a depth and punch that is all their own. I also get this biblical “we are legion” feeling from this album during some parts where it’s like a horde of demons voicing their disdain for humanity in a chorus of wordless fury. The more I listen to this album, the more I like it.