Valkiria – Here the Day Comes

I feel a little introspective today due to several things taking place in my little world right now. I did not think I would feel up to writing any reviews today, but when I am upset I listen to music, and when I listen to music I automatically start dictating a review in my head. So I figured I might as well write it down. As luck would have it, the first thing I listened to today was “Here the Day Comes” by Valkiria, which is an appropriate fit for my current brooding.

“Here the Day Comes” is the fifth album from this Italian dark, gothic metal band. The album contains seven tracks, each named after a part of the day – Dawn, Sunrise, Morning, Afternoon, Sunset, Evening and Night. That sounds fascinating to me. I need to find a lyric sheet to see what he is singing about.

The music is fairly slow-paced and has a lot of atmosphere. Sweeping keyboards and slow, melancholy guitar leads make this a good fit for a doom album. I would possibly compare it with early to mid-era My Dying Bride in terms of the despair the music evokes in the listener. The vocals are black metal style harsh (hence needing the lyric sheet), and I think they fit well with the bleakness of the music.

The production quality of the album is good and the seven songs on the album last for around 40 minutes. This album was just what I needed to pass the time today; it fits my mood perfectly. I will certainly give this album two thumbs up. Check out their video for the track “Sunrise” below.