Vektor – Outer Isolation

In 2009 I picked up Vektor’s “Black Future” from the iTunes store on a whim. It was one of those new music Tuesdays where I was itching to pull the trigger on something new but there wasn’t really much to choose from. I listened to a few clips that really didn’t give me the impression that it was anything special, but I decided to give it a try. As just about everyone else has mentioned the band logo looks either influenced by or is a tribute to the great Canadian thrash band Voivod. The cover in general looks like it could have been a lost Voivod album. This also influenced my buying the album. Once I actually sat down and listened to it, it blew my mind. It’s been at the top of my list of great new-era thrash albums ever since.

So imagine my excitement a few weeks ago when I learned their new album, “Outer Isolation” was imminent. I contacted Heavy Artillery hoping they would hook me up with a promo so I could review it right away. Awesome purveyors of metal that they are they took care of me and then some. I received it yesterday and have been obsessively devouring it since. By the second track I was sporting some nice goose bumps on my arms. Safe to say I’m going to like this album.

Another comparison I’ve heard from just about everyone is that the vocals sound similar to Schmier of Destruction. Yeah, I can hear that now that I think about it, but it wasn’t immediately what came to mind when listening to this album or “Black Future.” I actually was picking up some Dani Filth in some of the higher pitched voice cracking screams. Whatever you want to compare them to, the vocals of David DiSanto are pretty damn amazing. The guy has got some serious harsh vocal range and seems to jump back and forth effortlessly.

And the music. Holy hell. Lovers of thrash metal could not ask for anything better than that provided by Vektor. It’s fast as shit, technical, heavy, melodic, crisp enough to hear every note and just in general simply awesome. These guys sound nothing like the aforementioned Voivod, but the lyrical content and some of the riffs do seem to give a sort of nod (or perhaps a slight bow) in the direction of Voivod. The album is called “Outer Isolation” which in my mind I keep accidentally calling “Outer Limits” (a Voivod album). Again, this sounds nothing like that Voivod album, I’m just amusing myself making connections because I’m such a huge Voivod fan. And also such a huge Vektor fan. Hey, both V words too.

So anyway, thrash metal mavens take heed: If you have not yet had the pleasure of slavering over one of the fine Vektor releases, now is the time to do so. Warbringer has been my thrash of choice these last few months but now it’s got some company on the upper shelf of my esteem. Highly recommended. Someone put these guys on tour and ship them to the east coast please!