Metalheads Podcast Episode #90: Top 25 Metal Albums 2019 Midyear


Like the 6 evil Constructicons combining to form the mighty Devastator... the Metalheads Podcast has once again come together to bring you our biggest, longest cast ever - the TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS of 2019 MIDYEAR!!! So, put on a hardhat, grab a six-pack and some salty snacks, and allow us to dump some liquid-cement love into your ears.

You will GASP as we reveal the 25 LPs (released January through June) that made our lists! You shall REJOICE as we intimately describe our Top 5 Album Cover Art picks. You will SCOWL at the debut of Bitchy Matt. And you will most certainly GUFFAW as your favorite hosts get so smashed that they actually lose their ability to count. Yes, all this and more awaits you in the Metalheads Midyear gravel pit. Go.