Metalheads Podcast Episode 92: featuring Arctic Sleep


The Metalheads Podcast returns with Episode 92! We uncap some hearty brews and have a conversation with Keith D, the mastermind behind the arresting doom of Arctic Sleep. He talks about the band's brand new album, "Kindred Spirits," saying goodbye to his beloved cat Yoda through music, blowing off steam with grindcore covers of 80s songs in Chopping Mall, and how he'd love to lend his honeysuckle smooth baritone to voiceover work.

After George has an unexpected battle with the storm gods, we punch through the lightning to bring you Metal News, New Releases and What We’ve Been Listening To. Plus, we present our most ambitious Top 5 yet – Top 5 Fantasy Supergroups (made up of living musicians)! We even dig up our favorite dead rockers to create some supergroup zombie bands!

So, grab a beer and a cozy seat on our nimbus cloud. Up here, friendship is magic and so is the metal.