Metalheads Podcast Episode 94: featuring Adem Tepedelen


The Metalheads Podcast intoxicates you with Episode 94! We brew up a flavorful conversation with Adem Tepedelen, Decibel Magazine’s long-running "Brewtal Truth" craft beer columnist. He talks about his new book, Nothing But the Brewtal Truth, which features expanded and revised versions of his columns from May 2009 to December 2018. Plus, thoughts on the ever-expanding collision of beer and metal, remembrances of the worst beers we've ever had, and ponderings on the elusive origins of the Cobra Clutch.

After throwing back a few with Adem, your favorite metal boozers discuss News, New Releases and What We’ve Been Listening To. So, find a comfy spot at the bar and get thirsty, cause the Metalheads keg is now tapped.