Best Metal Albums of 2017 Midyear - Jay

I've heard some grousing about 2017 being not such a good year in metal, but when I look at my list I have to disagree. There's nothing on it that I wouldn't recommend, and if you haven't heard Farsot, Slaegt, Ordos, Locust Leaves, or any of the somewhat obscure stuff there, do yourself a favor...get thee to Bandcamp!!! The second half of 2017 promises some great releases: Enslaved, the mighty Monster Magnet, and who-knows-what-great-thing none of us knows about yet. Metal, yo!

11) Sunless - Urraca
10) Dopelord - Children of the Haze
9) Goath - Luciferian Goath Ritual
8) Farsot - Failure
7) Locust Leaves - A Subtler Kind of Light
6) Goatwhore - Vengeful Ascension
5) Trollfest - Helluva
4) Wode - Servants of the Countercosmos
3) Ordos - House of the Dead
2) Nocturnal Mortum - Verity
1) Slaegt - Domus Mysterium