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10 Horns with Martin Shouler of Superterrestrial

The word Superterrestrial means “above the earth.” It’s an apt name for a band from Crawley, UK, who adopted it for their otherworldly blend of space-themed, black metal and dark ambient synth. Formed in 2017 by founders Martin Shouler and Warren King, Superterrestrial’s musical amalgam is inspired by the empty, unforgiving darkness and cosmic phenomena of our vast universe.

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LONELY IS THE WORD: A Deep Dive into the Myths, Meanings and Metaphors of Ronnie James Dio

“If Dio goes, we all go.” I posted that statement on my Facebook page a few days before Ronnie James Dio passed away. I remember hearing that Heaven and Hell, the reformed and renamed Dio-fronted version of Black Sabbath, cancelled all their upcoming tour dates a few weeks earlier. There were occasional, mostly negative reports on Dio's health leading up to the day as well. Increasingly it became clear he wouldn’t be around much longer.

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