LIMA – Rediscoveries

“Rediscoveries” is an album full of cover songs that “some kid recorded in his bedroom.” That “kid” is Andrew Lima. I cannot tell you much about him, other than that he recorded the album by himself, in his bedroom, and released it in 2011.

On “Rediscoveries”, Andrew covers a range of rock and metal songs. The track list is as follows: “Orion” (Metallica), “Wish” (Nine Inch Nails), “People Are Strange” (The Doors), “Spirits in the Material World” (The Police), “Negative Creep” (Nirvana), “Us & Them” (Pink Floyd), “À Tout le Monde” (Megadeth), “Subdivisions” (Rush) and then a bonus track called “Chemical Plant Zone”, which I am unsure whether it is a cover or an original. The track mixes in music from Sonic the Hedgehog with music I am not familiar with, so I am sorry I cannot confirm which it is. I am, however, intimately familiar with all the rest of the tracks.

The album opens with “Orion” and I was impressed with how well he pulls off a track that, in my opinion, is one of the coolest metal instrumentals ever. I listened and held my breath waiting for my favorite part of the song, which comes at 5:41…and he nailed it.

I am not going to go through each of the tracks individually as it would make this review run way too long. I will sum up by saying that Lima does a superb job of covering all these songs. He maintains the integrity and structure of each track, so they are all easily recognizable right away, yet he also puts his own stamp on them. Good job, man!

I suppose the question to ask now is, what will he do next? Is there an album of original material in the works? Check him out on Bandcamp where you can listen to and download the album for free.