Vigilance – Steeds of Time

Welcome to a new week here at Rock Music Critic. Today I have Vigilance, a NWOBHM influenced speed metal band from Slovenia. The band formed in 2010 and started recording in 2011. The result is what we have here now, their debut five-song EP, “Steeds of Time.”

It took me roughly fifteen seconds to think to myself “Niiiiiice.” Another ten seconds cemented my first impression that I was going to enjoy this EP. I love the album cover, I mean look at it, it is so simple, yet so metal.

The music on “Steeds of Time” is speed metal with a NWOBHM vibe. A lot of the early NWOBHM music was inspirational and moved the metal genre forward, but it also sounded like crap. Some of the music was just poorly recorded, and some was simply boring. It feels like a real treat hearing some current metal that is well recorded, catchy, and influenced by NWOBHM.

The production on the EP is decidedly minimalist, but it sounds particularly appropriate for the style. I think the sound quality sounds perfect for this style. “Steeds of Time” is an EP, I cannot wait to hear what a full length album from these guys might sound like.

I can easily give Vigilance two thumbs up for “Steeds of Time.” Make sure you guys let me know when you have more material! Check out their track “The White Horde” below.